What is wpSnow?
The swirling magic of a snowfall! This app was conceived as an interactive art piece, drawing on your past experiences to build dynamic images that create a sense of wonder. This concept has been realized through a snow globe like application that allows you to import a photo that you have taken, and the falling snow will interact with the picture in a logical manner.
How do I use it?
Shake your iDevice and watch snowflakes land in the photo of your choice. Snap a picture of your friend and select it – watch in amazement as snowflakes pile up on his head. Shake your iDevice – the flakes swirl around and settle down into new drifts of snow. The snow interacts with gravity so when you turn your iDevice upside down the snow will fall to the top of the image. Pink snow, blue snow, any color you want! Small or large flakes, air resistance, the force of gravity, the choice is yours! Get more in depth information on our features page.
What's a Featured Photo?
These are Photos submitted by wpSnow users that Wandering Pig Studios enjoyed enough that we feature them on the front page of the wpSnow website. To take a snapshot of the app in action just press the Home and Power button on your iDevice simultaneously. The snapshot will show up in your photo album in the camera roll, and from there you can email it to snowpix@wanderingpig.com. Visit our photo gallery to see previous featured photos.
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